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About us

IM Consulting was founded by Arjan Otter in 2011 and has as mission to help organizations get a grip on their data and use the unprecedented possibilities of data. With a lot of experience that IM Consulting has gained in government, education, healthcare, retail, industry and financial services, IM Consulting is a pragmatic organization that not only advises but also realizes reusable data solutions to give organizations the insight they deserve.

What we do

IM Consulting deals with issues surrounding Data. Businesses want to get more value out of their data, and there are countless ways to do that. IM Consulting advises, trains and implements solutions. We focus on the business process, the value to you, and then the technology.

For example, IM Consulting offers solutions in areas such as Dashboards, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Data Integration, Data Quality, (Big) Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Data Management.

Inspiration Sessions

In order not to get stuck in big, compelling terms, but to make concrete what we can offer you, we organize inspiration sessions. During these ‘Seeing is Believing’ sessions we let you experience what you can do with your data on the basis of examples and cases applied to you.
Request an inspiration session and we will give you insight into your options. There are no costs associated with an inspiration session.

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